Friday, March 25, 2011

Designer Spotlight: ecoSkin

ecoSkin is a privately-held California apparel company offering chic, contemporary designs for the eco-conscious but fashion-savvy woman. Core to its planet-friendly mission, ecoSkin uses only environmentally sustainable luxury fabrics woven, dyed and sewn in the USA.
ecoSkin is the brainchild of industry veteran and founder, Sandy Skinner. Sandy has lived apparel for 17+ years, working in virtually every aspect of the industry from buying to managing operations to being President of a contemporary brand. As a non-profit volunteer and amateur environmentalist, Sandy also has lived with a personal respect for people and planet and a desire to make a positive difference in the world.
Over the years, Sandy recognized that the apparel industry could do much more to support a healthy environment. She also knew the industry could do more for contemporary women who wanted to live a responsible, green lifestyle but also wanted to look eco-chic and sexy. Increasingly, Sandy asked herself the frustrating question why the industry offered women so few responsible choices.
In 2007, Sandy stopped asking the question and decided to act. Using her years of apparel experience and natural drive, she launched ecoSkin to make a positive difference for apparel customers and planet alike. The company took off like a rocket, proving Sandy right—women didn’t want to and didn’t need to choose between sexy-hip-chic and eco-friendly. They could be both!
Sandy operates ecoSkin with attention to the smallest detail in her quest to improve the environment and provide a socially responsible contemporary collection. She insists her dye houses and manufacturing facilities—all in the Los Angeles area—follow her demanding quality, environmental and labor standards. And, she personally oversees every high-quality and eco-friendly detail, from the selection of raw material to the oversight of meticulous local dying, weaving and sewing to the design of green hangtags and labels.
“This is my passion,” Sandy says. “I am committed to making ecoSkin a successful company that I and the industry can be proud of.” She adds: “We are in our infancy with many aspects of eco-friendly apparel. Green technology and environmental standards are still evolving and quality raw materials and dyes are scarce. All of this is challenging but worth the effort. The more customers demand responsibly-produced eco-friendly products, the more the industry will demand responsible suppliers and the faster we will clean up our planet, making green living mainstream living.”
As a green brand, ecoSkin offers contemporary women the opportunity to make a positive environmental difference one purchase at a time.

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