Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Designer Spotlight: Elroy

Elroy's collections are designed with a certain amount of freedom embodied in each piece. Freedom to wear it high, wear it low, but most importantly, to be able to mix it into your life and your wardrobe as they evolve. They strive to match their clothing to who you are as well as who you want to be.

Elroy designs for living - they want you to be able to grow and change, and take them with you along the way. Whether moving across town to start that great new job, or moving across the world to follow the man of your dreams...wherever life’s adventure’s take you, they’d like to think that you can bring each and every Elroy piece with you.

Design inspiration is found in many forms: art, travel, architecture, images, moments in time, individuals who embody effortless confidence combined with elegance and a touch of curiosity and whimsy.

Elroy chooses to create ethical fashion - the design, sourcing, materials and manufacturing of our clothing is environmentally conscious and socially responsible. It is their goal to lead the way in delivering great quality, sustainable, fairly traded and beautiful clothing. They hope to educate and empower their clients to become more aware of their buying power and environmental footprint, and to encourage more conscious decision making.

Choosing clothing made of sustainable materials should not mean a complete change of lifestyle. Elroy works to ensure that they include pieces that are better versions of what you may already own, along with unexpected wonders that become your new favorites.

Elroy believes it is more than possible to live in abundance without polluting, consuming natural resources excessively or abusing labour practices. As a company they focus to remain committed and respectful to the environment, their production team and to their clients. There can be hope in the fashion world afterall.

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