Thursday, April 7, 2011

Designer Spotlight: Goodsociety

A few years ago Ryan Shantz, Goodsociety’s Main Good Guy, came across a children’s home in the Himalayan mountains of northern India. “The children there were incredible! Despite having almost nothing, they loved life and made the most of what they had.” Today Goodsociety has been helping to support this home along with other projects that value the idea that there is enough in this world to go around and that loving others is an end unto itself.

It was through stories like this, with the Goodsociety team, that they found a group of passionate individuals wanting to make a difference. Their decision, to give a quarter of anything they make away.

Their certified organic denim begins with approximately 1000 independent farmers in India. These farmers are taught sustainable farming practices that are pesticide and fertilizer free. This is one of the many stories of the denim that we love.

Their passion is to create a line that makes a lasting difference. Fashion evolves and our fine organic denim eventually wears out. It’s the projects that they give to that can have a lasting impact on individuals and generations. Giving profits is exciting, but getting a chance to spend time working with the people and organizations we support really allows them to see and feel the impact that is happening.


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