Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Designer Spotlight: CoolCorC

CoolCorC started in 2006 with a vision shared by two brothers, Josh and Larry. Their vision was to make quality, versatile products out of cork. What began with disposable cork cup sleeves has evolved into a diverse product line while remaining a family owned business focused on CoolCorC's mantra: create memorable, useful and quality products using the worlds most sustainable and versatile material: cork. All products are designed by a husband and wife team of Architects, Joshua and Jessica who are also CoolCorC's President and Vice President respectively.

Quick Cork Facts!
•  Cork is one of the most environmentally friendly materials in the world.
•  Cork is harvested simply by peeling off the outer layer of bark of the cork oak.
•  The bark grows back within nine years and the tree actually benefits from being farmed by giving it a longer life.
•  Cork trees that are harvested can live over 200 years.
•  Cork oak forests create a unique habitat that is home to many endangered species such as the Iberian lynx and the imperial eagle in Europe and the Golden Takin and Golden Monkey in the Quinling Mountains of Central Asia.
•  Cork's cellular structure is what gives it its unique properties as 60% of it is air trapped between fibers.
•  It is hypoallergenic, recyclable, biodegradable, insulating and waterproof.

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