Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Designer Spotlight: Earthfrendz

At Earthfrendz, they believe in fair trade, social justices and sustainability. Their current focus is to work with urban poor in emerging market, India. There are lot of initiatives and projects to uplift the rural poor in India, but very few work with urban poor.

They work with self-help group and women savings group in slums of urban cities (Mumbai and New Delhi) in India. With their sewing and embroidery expertise they create and bring to you stylish, durable, highest quality eco-friendly products that you can feel good about incorporating into your daily life.

Whether you are an avid environmentalist or someone who is looking to explore how easy and trendy going green can be, they know you’ll find plenty to love and own within their wide range of products available to integrate into your home or business so that you can easily enjoy a more healthful lifestyle all around. And you can feel satisfied about your purchase because all of their products are safe for you and the environment and every artisan that sews their product has a story to tell.

Poverty is life for countless number of people throughout the globe and there is no magical wand that can eliminate this situation. But we can definitely do our part to help them. Purchasing Earthfrendz product uplift’s a poor by giving them work ,which in turn helps them to fulfill the needs of their family (two times meal, clothing and shelter) and give basic education to their kids.

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