Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Designer Spotlight: Urban Lace

Urban Lace specializes in making unique eco-friendly designer jewelry. Their one of a kind jewelry is created from recycled bicycle inner tubes collected from local bike shops. Their goal is to make high quality, high fashion, environmentally friendly products that people love to wear. They create elegant design with the planet in mind.

Inner tubes are not only durable, flexible, and waterproof, they can also be beautiful. Each year thousands of inner tubes are thrown into landfills in the US alone, where they will sit for hundreds of years. Urban Lace is committed to renewing those discarded tubes into wearable art.

They believe that a business should be environmentally, animal and people friendly. They believe that you should love what you do and do it without harm. Without pollutants and with happy healthy employees. They strive to create Earth friendly products that not only people will love to wear, but will allow others to think about items in there everyday life a little differently. They hope that their jewelry will make people see a new way of living, a world where everything isn't disposable, but reusable.

Barbi Touron and Aaron Shear are the owners/designers for Urban Lace. Barbi Touron started out in a small garage below her apartment making jewelry for friends in 2006. As more and more people wore her jewelry and word of mouth spread, so did the demand for these unique creations. With orders growing beyond her ability to keep up, Barbi partnered with Aaron Shear and Urban Lace was born. They have been working together since September 2011 making new designs for the up coming year.

Urban Lace products are handcrafted and made in Portland, OR. All of their products have been carefully washed and are coated in an organic plant-based formula that Urban Lace has developed, giving each bracelet its lasting luster. This formula allows each piece to retain its soft texture and smooth appearance.

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